I believe every brand is so unique from the next. I believe purposeful and intentional photography is needed to capture that uniqueness with clarity. I work alongside companies to craft intentional imagery that confidently reflects your brand.

There’s something about every love story that makes it so intrinsically you. I believe that love stories are beautifully imperfect and that’s how they should be documented. I photograph love stories this way through the different seasons of your life.

Ontario portrait photographer Celebrating Slow Made Moments Through photography

with brands and in love stories

Ever heard of onlyness?

Every experience, every relationship, every emotion you've ever felt has shaped and changed and created your own unique perspective. The people you know, the things you've done, the places you've been...all tiny, intricate, luminous pieces to a puzzle that is YOU.

THIS. This is what I aim to capture.
To help folks & brands fully see themselves. 


Inimitable, extraordinary, rare and precious. One of a kind, exquisitely you.

A unique and fascinating limited edition. 
Nilofer Merchant called this onlyness. That thing that only one individual can bring to a situation; the journey and passions of each and every human. The unique point of view born of our accumulated experience, perspective and vision, and it's the fuel for creating a life that is truly yours. 
So soooooo cool.


Based in the Ottawa Valley. I've been photographing brands and love stories, full-time for five years. What a privilege it is to work with all of the people I do!! Honestly, so blessed. 
I've been obsessed with capturing the world around me by sketchpad or camera ever since I was little. I love capturing meaningful experiences for those around me.

Your Brand has a voice


Each business is unique and one of a kind; completely different than the next because of you - the brains and the heart and the spirit behind it all. And creating imagery that is vibrant, captivating and alive - photos that reflect who you are and what you value - is what fuels my passion, gets my heart pounding and sends my spirit soaring.


Let’s capture you together. Slowing down together. Showing off your love. Unposed because it’s so much better than that. Your photos will be focused on interaction, connection and authentic emotion that you’re feeling in that space and time. 
I’m all about tiny moment with big feelings. 
We’re just hangin’ together. Leaving space for you to be you, together, happily unplanned and pending time embracing whatever is absolutely, personably you. 


Let’s lock things in. We will confirm a date and the schedule for how your photos will roll out! You’ll get a final quote, contract and pay a retainer.

Time to document! Come just as you are, let’s hang together. I shoot in a pretty laid back way. I love capturing in the middle of movement and interaction. Let’s take the stiff poses out of it and create something sooooo uniquely beautiful!

Head on over to the contact page and let me know a little bit about you and what you’re looking for. What season of life are we celebrating together? Or tell me about your brand! This step is all about you and I chatting about details and dreaming a little!








Jenna & Quinn -Prairie and Luna Cannabis Co.

We have had the opportunity to work with Janalla for two photoshoots for our business, Prairie and Luna Cannabis Co. Jay’s work has been absolutely essential in bringing our brand to life. She truly understands our vision (even when we don’t feel totally confident in it!) and captures our store so beautifully. We always say that she makes us look WAY cooler and more professional than we actually are! Most recently we did a photoshoot with our new staff and, although none of them had done any professional photography prior, we all felt extremely comfortable and laughed our way through it! Needless to say, the pics turned out amazing!! She always comes beyond prepared. Jay really goes above and beyond in terms of making the most of our time together and making sure we receive a wide variety of images to use on our socials and website. Plus, she’s literally the sweetest. We can’t recommend Jay enough!

Jay’s work has been absolutely essential in bringing our brand to life.

Callee -Cork and Coral

She has this natural calmness about her that made my overdriven entrepreneurial brain slow down for just a moment. She took the time, to learn who I am and what I had set out to accomplish in my business. There is an element of trust when investing in branded photography and I can assure you, from experience, that Jay will take the time to learn who you are, your vision and goals then swiftly deliver unique content captured specifically with your brand in mind. It is an utter delight every time I get to create with her and I feel very grateful to work alongside her talent and artistry.

I knew from the first few moments of being around Janalla that I wanted to work with her.

Stacey -Sugar Society

Janalla and I have worked together on many projects together over the years. Branding, Photoshoots, Weddings. She handles each one with such a high level of care and professionalism. My business Sugar Society has also hired her on for shoots. Headshots and branded product photos, I am always left impressed by her work. Will continue to hire her on as my business grows.

Branding, Photoshoots, Weddings. She handles each one with such a high level of care and professionalism.

Shannon - Anupaya

“Janalla has, without question, taken my company from being just another business - to a living, breathing, vibrant brand. Creating compelling imagery, with immense depth and nuance, she has told the STORY of Anupaya. And that story is what has created brand loyalty and has folks coming back, again and again. I am forever grateful for her rare and inimitable talent.”

Janalla has, without question, taken my company from being just another business - to a living, breathing, vibrant brand.

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