Fundamentals of Photography

A good image starts with how it was taken. Discover the components of photography that effect every image you take. Learn how you make changes to different settings on your camera and why you would do so. Get an introduction to light and how it effects every photo you take. This course will teach you how all of these aspects of photography can be used as tools to help you create photos with your unique voice.

A photo course for beginners

I'm going to lay it out for you, clear and concise, in a way that's so understandable. You will learn the different components that make up your camera and what these components allow you to do when taking photos. I believe it's important to shoot with your camera in manual because it gives you the most control over the outcome of your image. In this course, you'll learn how to adjust your camera's settings in order to shoot in manual. 

Discover how to use your camera

Understand your camera settings

Choosing each different camera setting can be overwhelming. In this course you will discover where to start when adjusting your camera settings. Learn why you make certain adjustments to your settings and how one adjustment is going to effect all of the other settings. 

Finding harmony between camera settings is all about balance and leaning into the characteristics of a photo that you're drawn to. I will also give you insights on how I approach the photos that I take. related to camera settings and my go to settings.

Introduction to Light

Light effects every single aspect of photography. from the time of day you shoot, where your subject is placed, the camera settings you choose and how you edit.

There is a common thread between all types of light. If you understand how it works, you can tackle even the trickiest lighting situations. This course will introduce you to  the different types of light. You will begin to understand how light effects the photos you take and discover how you can approach a variety of lighting scenarios.,

Knowing the fundamentals of photography will give you the technical skills to use your camera with confidence and to shoot with consistency. It will give you the ability to shoot for the varying elements around you. As well as the characteristics that make your photos uniquely you.

Learning photography basics will help you to lean into the particular characteristics that you're drawn to in photographs. Use your fundamental skills to create these characteristics within your own photos. This course will show you how to apply specific settings to achieve your unique style.

Shoot with Intentionality

Fundamentals of Photography

February 26, 2023
2:00 - 4:00PM

Hosted at Anupaya Cabin Co.
Deep River, Ontario

Join me to learn the foundation of camera settings and light to guide you to shoot with intentionality.

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