Working with Canadian companies is a huge passion of mine. I LOVE supporting business owners in pursuing, building and sharing what they love with the world.

Each business is unique and one of a kind; completely different than the next because of you – the brains and the heart and the spirit behind it all. And creating imagery that is vibrant, captivating and alive – photos that reflect who you are and what you value – is what fuels my passion, gets my heart pounding and sends my spirit soaring.

You’ve created this amazing product or service and I can help you harness and channel the spirit and radiance of your offering to cohesively and accurately share it with the world. That’s the power of photography, the magic of inspired branding and the promise I can make to you: together, we’ll knock this outta the park! 

It was so beautiful to see some of the businesses i’ve worked with over this past year, Anupaya and Mini Tipi, featured on ELLE Canada.

working with canadian companies and featured in elle canada

If you’re looking for commercial photography for your business, i’d LOVE to chat more with you about your next project

Eco-friendly Canadian Companies in Elle Canada Magazine

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